Jumbo Jars

1000ml – 8000ml Jumbo PET Jars

OBECK has the beautiful slim Round jars, and the antithesis of these, the Jumbo Jars, in its range. The Jumbo Jars can be recognised by their wide appearance and round shape. These jars are very popular in the sports nutrition market. We have been producing PET jars for customers in the sports nutrition and food industries for many years now and have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the process.

OBECK understands your packaging needs. We enjoy working with you as a brand owner and with your contract manufacturer (CMO). Together, we look for the right packaging for the brand or private label brand, and the contents of the packaging.

Our Jumbo jars with matching screw caps help to protect your product and ensure a long shelf-life. In addition, the mono-material PET can be produced in any colour, as well as being 100% recyclable.

All Jumbo jars have a recessed label surface. The Jumbo jars are available with the following neck finishes: 100SP400, 110SP400 and 127SP400. Various standard colours are available for each neck finish and size. If you prefer a matte finish or a different PET colour, we will be happy to discuss the options with you. Finally, endless combinations are also possible with the matching (coloured) closures. See the closure page and matching Powder scoops in three sizes here.

Besides the Jumbo jars, the range also includes other large jars, namely the Round jars, Bull jars & Cylindrical jars XXL.

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Ask our sales team for a drawing of the size of Jumbo jar you want to use, so you can decide how big the label for your product should be.

No, that is not possible.

We can only share our experiences with you, but cannot tell you exactly how many kilos go into your chosen Jumbo jar. The filling quantity strongly depends on the product you are packaging, its specific weight and the way you are going to fill it. Request a sample and test all these things to determine the right size for you.

Yes, this is possible. You can discuss this with your contract manufacturer (CMO), or we can prepare a quotation for you.

Yes, that is possible. This gives your Jumbo jar a totally different look. Request a sample.

Our Jumbo jars made from PET or rPET material are used by the following companies, including:

  • Brand or private label manufacturers in the Food industry
  • Animal food manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Over-The-Counter (OTC) products
  • Contract manufacturers (CMOs) of powders

PET versus rPET

OBECK offers you the option of producing your Jumbo jars from recycled PET material (rPET). The material we use is 100% Food-approved and suitable for food packaging. It is not a standard product that we have in stock. Every application we receive for rPET is unique and will be treated separately. Depending on the size and the colour, we can let you know the terms and conditions. Please ask our sales team.

The Jumbo jars are multi-purpose

The Jumbo jars can be used in a wide variety of markets, such as:

  • The sports nutrition market: e.g. whey powder
  • The food industry: e.g. oats
  • The pet food industry: e.g. dog food
  • The contract manufacturing (CMO) market

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