Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Personal care products are an important part of our daily lives. Whether it’s skin care, hair care or body care, everyone has their favourite beauty products and brands. It’s a market we can serve through our standard range of products and where required offer the flexibility to create customised products. 

OBECK offers a wide range of PET packaging that can be used for the packaging of cosmetic products. Our standard range includes Cylindrical or Square PET jars with matching lids for products such as natural bath salts, hair care products or body and face creams. The jars with a cylindrical shape are designed so that you can access the complete contents.  

Our PET bottles have many other uses: from Soap bottles to Veral bottles for natural skin care products and shampoo. In addition to our range of bottles, we have ampoules that are suitable for beauty drinks such as anti-ageing nutraceutical drinks and collagen shots. 

We’ll also be happy to assist you with custom packaging. Thanks to our knowledge and experience of the (natural) cosmetics industry, we can advise you on the right design to complement your product line.  

Beauty Supplements on the Shelf

In addition to an increase in the use of personal care products, we’re seeing another trend: beauty supplements. These include capsules, tablets or gummies with ingredients that are beneficial for hair, skin or nails. Packaging for beauty supplements should reflect the promise of the product.

OBECK offers a variety of PET packaging perfect for beauty supplements and that add to their visual appeal on the display shelf. Check out our Sirop bottles, Square bottles, Beauty PET packers, Square jars and Cylindrical jars in various designs (70SP400, 89SP400, 100SP400).  

PET has the same luxurious appearance as glass but is lighter and less fragile. It’s also 100% recyclable, easy to customise and is available in several different colours. That’s why it’s the ideal packaging to display your cosmetics in store.

Lids that compliment your cosmetic products

The appeal of a cosmetic product can be significantly increased with an attractive matching lid. This allows you to complete the overall look. 

Our standard colours are white, black, silver and gold but many more are possible. With our metallic or matte finishes and personalised colour options, you have a wide range of choices. Feel free to visit our custom-made lids page to learn more about printing, lacquering and lasering options.

Or try out the various options for yourself in our Cap Configurator. Whatever you choose, we offer packaging that is both attractive and functional. 

Sleeves for your Cosmetic packaging

Sleeving perfects your cosmetic packaging and offers the possibility of complete decoration and labeling even for non-cylindrical bottles and jars.

It also affords you:

  • More space on the packaging
  • Making it possible to create a ​​360-degree design
  • Display your text in different languages
  • Incorporate windows into your design to make your product visible. 

Recyclable sleeving is applied to our plastic jars and bottles using a hot steam method that allows for any creative design. Sleeving is versatile and is suitable for almost all shapes in our product range. It’s also ideal for liquids, soaps, body scrubs and more. 

Sleeved PET jars. Done by our Sleevingmachine, Föritztal, Germany.