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OBECK produces Round jars, Jumbo jars and Square jars to store dry food for household pets for example dogs, cats and fish. These PET jars are available with a 100SP400, 110SP400 and 127SP400 neck finish. We have also matching closures available with a smooth or ribbed side, or a convenient handle on the 127SP400 closure.  

We manufacture Cylindrical jars for dog snacks, superfoods for birds and powder medicines for animals, together with Pill jars for supplements and vitamins. While liquid medicines, emulsion for animals and other animal care products can all be safely packed in a range of 28ROPP PET bottles. 

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Extended Shelf life & 100% Recyclable, choose PET

Instead of being limited to pouches for pet food packaging, it’s so much easier to store dry food in PET jars. With pouches you are often limited in opening and closing them, this is not the case at all with a PET jar combines a resealable screw closure. Thereby the closure can be provided with a protective induction heat seal (IHS) or pressure sensitive (PS) seal, to keep the contents longer fresh. Our scoops provide a handy tool for portioning the animal food or measuring animal nutrition and veterinary medicines.   

Another advantage of using PET jars is their sustainability. Rather than wasting singe-use pouches, pet owners can refill jars again. The PET jars can also be fully recycled or provided in rPET.

Different Medicines, same standards

The veterinary pharmaceutical market has become a growth industry, pet foods have been expanded with essential vitamins and nutrients, to keep animals healthier. 

Once part of major pharmaceutical companies, in the meantime these divisions have set up as successful businesses in their own right, supplying everything from medicines to probiotics. Most animal medicines are simply repurposed human drugs. Therefore, the same packaging rules apply for both. 

OBECK’s Class 7 Cleanroom meets the pharmaceutical standards for veterinary drug packaging. Traceability and checks by our quality team ensure our PET packaging and matching closures is approved for animal health.  

Protecting PETS with CRC Jars

The packaging for animal medicines and -supplements also designed to be eye-catching. However, if they’re not stored safely and securely in the right PET packaging, it could lead to an overdose to animal or children.    

To help prevent this, OBECK manufactures high-quality veterinary packaging solutions for medicines and supplement in the form of PET jars with matching child-resistant closures (CRC).

The total packaging is accredited and certified by ISO 8317:2015. We have also PET bottles with child-resistant 28ROPP closures available. Secure packaging not only protects, but also protects your brand’s valuable reputation.