Bull Jars

3000ml – 10000ml Bull Jars PET

Do you want a large PET jar without a recessed label surface? Where can you choose the surface area of your label? Then take a look at the Bull jars product range here. These PET jars are recognisable by their attractive round shoulders and offer the option of using a larger label on your PET jar. Bull jars are available with the neck finishes 110SP400, 120SP400 and 127Special with volumes of 3000ml to 10000ml, plus the Bull jars with a gallon volume. Together with your brand and your contract manufacturer (CMO), we formulate the right packaging concept. All types of Bull jars can be combined with our other product ranges, such as the Pill jars and Cylindrical jars.

Our Bull jars with matching screw caps contribute to the protection and long shelf life of your product. In addition, the mono-material PET can be produced in any colour and is also 100% recyclable.

The Bull jars get their name from their large, round shape. A real eye-catcher for your sports nutrition or private label brand. Bull jars are made of the high-quality Food-approved mono-material: PET. The greatest advantage of PET is that it is very lightweight and virtually unbreakable. The Bull jars protect the contents and extend the life of your product. The Bull jars are available with the neck finishes 110SP400 and 127Special as standard and are complemented by the equivalent Gallon Bull jars with the neck finish 120SP400. Besides the Bull jars, other large jars are also included in the range, namely the Round jars, Jumbo jars & Cylindrical jars XXL.

The plastic jars are packed separately on cardboard trays and shrink-wrapped, making them ideal for transportation. Combine the Bull jars with different screw caps. Check our closures page for a complete overview.

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Ask our sales team for a drawing of the chosen size of Bull jar, so that you can determine the height of the label.

This is an English unit of measurement. In the USA, they use this measurement to indicate the amount that fits into a PET jar.

Check out our custom-made page or ask our sales team for advice.

No, we only produce packaging made of PET material. PET is a material that is 100% recyclable.

Please discuss this with your filling company.

Our Bull jars made from PET or rPET material are used by the following companies, including:

  • Contract manufacturers (CMOs) of powders
  • Brand or private label manufacturers in the Food industry
  • Pet food manufacturers
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) product manufacturers

Powder scoops in your Bull jar PET packaging

OBECK can complete your packaging concept with a Powder scoop. This is a Measuring scoop that you should pack with your sports nutrition products. The end customer can measure out his product well with this. OBECK’s Powder scoops are available in three sizes, namely:

  • 20ml Powder scoop
  • 50ml Powder scoop
  • 70ml Powder scoop

Gallon PET jars

To give even more diversity to our Bull jars, OBECK has also included the Gallon Bull jars in its range. A large PET jar inspired by the American HDPE or PET Gallon jars. OBECK’s Gallon jar has the wide mouth opening 120SP400, otherwise known as the 120-400 or 120mm neck finish. This Gallon jar is available in four different sizes.

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