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500ml Veral PET Bottle - 28ROPP - Clear
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500ml Veral PET Bottle - 28ROPP - White
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500ml Veral PET Bottle - 28ROPP - Amber

Veral Bottle 500ml

500ml Veral PET Bottle

Ø 78mm
Neck Finish


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Article No. 1.500.28K

Article No. 1.500.28W

Article No. 1.500.28B

Article No. 1.500.28

The 500ml Veral PET bottle has a 28ROPP neck finish. It is one of the most common Veral PET bottles in OBECK’s product range. In the pharmaceutical industry (for humans and animals), it is often used to package liquids. In this market, the bottle is also called the Pharma Veral bottle.

OBECK produces the Veral bottles in PET material as standard, but production in rPET or pharmaceutical PET material is of course also possible. On request, the 500ml Veral bottle can also be produced in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom. The bottle can packaged in a Brickpack or separately in trays, depending on the requirements in the production of your CMO. Anything is possible. Ask your questions via the contact form on this website.

The Veral PET bottles can be used universally for various applications in the Pharma, OTC, Food and Cosmetics industries. Matching (child-resistant) caps and measuring cups can be found on the caps page. Do you want to change something in the colour or shape? See our custom made page for more information.

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The 500ml Veral plastic bottle is ideal for products such as:

  • Liquid probiotics
  • Hand soap
  • Pet emulsion
  • Anti-ageing beauty drinks
  • Laundry perfume