Meplat Bottles

200ml – 500ml Meplat PET bottles

Meplat bottles, with their characteristic shape, have traditionally been used to package cough syrups. To this day, you can regularly find them on the shelves of drug stores and pharmacies. Whereas in the past these bottles were often made of glass (the typical brown glass medicine bottle), nowadays PET material is increasingly used. Meplat PET bottles are lightweight, virtually unbreakable and very easy to use.

OBECK has been producing the Meplat bottle for decades and has therefore acquired a great deal of expertise. We deliver FSSC 22000 quality you can rely on.

Meplat bottles are available in 200ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes. The colours clear and amber are available as standard, but you can also have Meplat bottles produced in the specific colours of your brand. Production in recycled PET material (rPET) or pharmaceutical PET material is also possible on request. The Meplat PET bottles are packed in Brickpacks as standard, shrink-wrapped for extra protection. Complete the Meplat bottle with (child-resistant CRC) 28ROPP screw caps and measuring cups that match the 28ROPP neck finish. See our caps page for further details.

Meplat bottles: PET vs. glass

The Meplat PET bottles from OBECK have exactly the same shape as the glass Meplat bottles and are a light and strong alternative to the glass version. This also makes them safer. That is important because Meplat bottles are used by young and old in the form of cough syrup or medicine. Their light weight and durability have the additional advantage that Meplat PET bottles are very suitable for transport, helping to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

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Yes, see the range of matching 28ROPP caps for the Meplat bottles on our caps page.

Meplat PET bottles can be labelled on the front and back. Ask your CMO (contract manufacturer) for advice on labelling.

In the past, all medicines were packaged in a classic glass container in this unique shape. Back then, it was also known as the Meplat Apothecary Bottle. Nowadays, this bottle is still referred to as a medicine bottle or cough medicine container.

This has to do with user safety for both the patient and the consumer, as well as the retailer or pharmacist. The heavy glass containers can break more easily if dropped. The lighter plastic Meplat bottles are unbreakable and are ideal for transportation. This PET packaging is also safer on a shelf in a shop or pharmacy.

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Our Meplat bottles made of PET or rPET material are used in the following markets, including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Cough syrup manufacturers
  • OTC market
  • Drugstores
  • Health care products

Applications of Meplat bottles

The Meplat bottle is a flat, oval bottle with flattened surfaces. This unique shape is often used in the pharmaceutical industry and OTC market.

The following products are packaged in Meplat bottles, among other packagings:

  • Cough medicine
  • Medicinal drinks
  • Health products
  • OTC products

Pharma Meplat Bottles: quality and product safety

If you would like to have Meplat bottles produced in pharmaceutical PET material and/or in the ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, this is not a problem. The Pharma Meplat PET bottles from OBECK thereby meet pharmaceutical requirements. By using state-of-the-art measuring instruments and our own research laboratories, we comply with legal procedures regarding product safety.

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