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60ml Syrup PET Bottle  - 28ROPP - Clear
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60ml Syrup PET Bottle  - 28ROPP - White
Available on request
60ml Syrup PET Bottle  - 28ROPP - Amber

Sirop Bottle 60ml

60ml Syrup PET Bottle

Ø 38mm
Neck Finish


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Article No. 2.60.28K

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Article No. 2.60.28B

Article No. 2.60.28

This small 60ml Sirop bottle has a 28ROPP neck finish. It is lightweight, but very strong and virtually unbreakable, making it suitable for various applications in the OTC, Pharma and Food markets. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for, among other things, medicines in liquid or syrup form. In the food industry, for example, we see the Sirop bottle being used as a vitamin shot. The PET bottle is also ideal for use as a sample bottle or sampling bottle.

All Sirop PET bottles from OBECK are made of high-quality PET plastic material as standard. The fact is that this material is much lighter, but just as strong as glass. Transport requires less outer packaging and less weight to be carried, thereby helping to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

For companies in the pharmaceutical industry or for pharmacies, the bottles can be produced in pharmaceutical PET material and in the ISO Class 7 Cleanroom. We also refer to them as Pharma Sirop bottles. The bottles are available in three colours as standard: clear, white and amber. The colour amber is a well-known colour in the pharmaceutical industry and protects the contents from UV light.

Matching 28ROPP (child-resistant) screw caps and measuring cups can be found on the caps page. Special requirements? We are happy to work with you to find the right solution. See our custom-made page for more information.

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The 60ml plastic Sirop bottle is ideal for products such as:

  • Shot drinks with healthy vitamins, such as ginger and turmeric shots
  • Herbal extracts
  • Medicines
  • Antibiotics