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1750ml Magnum PET Gift Bottle - 100SP400 - Clear
1750ml Magnum PET Gift Bottle - 100SP400 - Clear

Magnum Gift Bottle 1750ml

1750ml Magnum PET Gift Bottle

Ø 105mm
Neck Finish


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Article No. 5.1750.101k

Article No. 5.1750.101

This sturdy large Gift bottle is called the Magnum bottle. With a volume of 1750ml, it is the largest gift bottle OBECK has in its range. Filled with chocolate, biscuits or other confectionery, it is a picture to behold.

This gift bottle has a height of 337mm and a diameter of 105mm, just like the traditional glass Magnum bottle. A festive combination of a non-Food product with Food content. It is the perfect Gift packaging to ring in the New Year, for example, or to celebrate some other great moment.

This Magnum gift bottle makes an impression on the shop shelf, in a Christmas hamper or as a business gift. A Co-packer can fill the bottles for you with any confectionery you like. This PET packaging is supplied in the colour clear as standard and is 100% recyclable. Please contact our sales team for the custom-made options. With a nice label around the Magnum bottle and, for example, a gold top sleeve, your Gift packaging has a luxury finish. A matching clear polypropylene 100SP400 screw lid can be found here.

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The 1750ml plastic Gift bottle (Magnum bottle) is ideal for confectionery products such as:

  • Confectionery
  • Chocolate
  • Wrapped sweets
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